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Month: YOU + ME.




Let’s do this. One Month. You + Me. 

If you’re always reading about nutrition, trying different diets, and end up with lots of information…but never really know how to lose weight in a healthy way for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle. Let me help.

I’d like to teach you once & for all:

  • What to eat for meals that is mentally & physically satisfying.
  • The right snacks to choose that can actually manage hunger.
  • How to satisfy sweet & salty cravings.
  • What brands are the best to buy.
  • Realistic plans for socializing, work events, travel, etc.
  • And most of all…how to be CONSISTENT with all of it.

The MONTH includes:

1 Nutrition Session. For 60 minutes, we will go over your goals, current routine, and create a detailed ACTION PLAN together. Simple, effective strategies & resources…just for YOU.

3 Accountability Check-Ins. Once a week, we will talk on the phone to review success, struggles, and make sure you have all the tools/resources/recipes you need to feel good, have fun, and get results.

Unlimited Spot Coaching Texts. Last minute plans to go out to eat? Need a quick plan when temptation hits? I got you. Just text me…and we will problem solve right then & there.


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