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Joy Mode Temporary Tattoo (5-pack)


✨🌈🦄💛 Each pack contains five JOY MODE temporary tattoos. ✨🌈🦄💛

Each pack will ship FREE via First-Class Mail.


🎉JOY MODE temporary tattoos are here!
I love wearing one of these and then catching a glimpse of it as I’m going about my day. It’s a cute little reminder that helps me reset my thoughts and remember to find the ✨positive vibes✨ in any moment.
👉Apply one to the underside of your wrist or somewhere you can sneak a peak👀 at it throughout the day for a quick reminder to find JOY in whatever you are doing … getting dressed, commuting, sitting in meetings, sending emails, working on that project, eating meals, washing dishes, doing something challenging, etc.
🙌A reminder to be in ✨JOY MODE✨ changes your energy to gratitude & appreciation … which changes everything.
They make a powerful gift to yourself or a friend and are sure to provide more JOY in your day 😃☀.

Tips for applying your tattoo: 1) Use a little rubbing alcohol to clean/prep the skin area first, especially if you have oily skin or use lotion regularly. 2) Remove transparent cover. Place the tattoo face down on your skin and soak with a wet paper towel, cloth or sponge. Soak thoroughly all the way to the edges! 3) Wait AT LEAST 30 seconds. 4) Very slowly peel away the paper. 5) JOY MODE has begun!


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