Nutrition Counseling

Email, call or text for an appointment…


call/text: 773-208-5777


How we can help you…

Working with an expert can help you see results faster, manage barriers/obstacles/cravings, stay motivated when your own willpower may wane and develop realistic strategies that will work within your fast-paced & time-crunched lifestyle!

My team & I have helpful, cutting-edge resources to share with you such as shopping lists, recipes, photo food logging, behavior checklists, meal rhythm/balance logs, natural diet plans, juicing ebooks and more. We are highly invested in your health & happiness!

Make an appointment if you want to:

– learn what to eat specifically for your body & lifestyle

– lose weight

– improve your physical appearance

– supercharge your energy

– prevent or manage health concerns

– alleviate digestive issues

– increase self-esteem

– enhance sports performance

– enjoy more nourishing plant-based foods


What to expect…

There is no cookie-cutter program here. We tailor everything to the individual.

In the initial session we: 1) Outline your health & wellness goals, 2) Review your health history & current lifestyle and 3) Develop a realistic, fun and personalized action plan to get you closer to your goals.

Then in follow-up sessions, we review: 1) Successes…what you are doing well from the action plan, 2) Struggles…what you found hard with the action plan and 3) Strategize tweaks to your action plan to make it easier for you to achieve results.

Most people like between 4 to 10 follow-up sessions to gain healthy momentum toward their goals. I suggest scheduling sessions fast & frequent. We make 226 food decisions each DAY so it’s important to come in once a week or once every other week to celebrate & strategize!


My office is located in the heart of downtown Chicago at 79 W Monroe Suite 827 Chicago, IL  60603. However, there are other ways we can work together if you can’t make it to my office for sessions:

– Skype Video Nutrition Sessions. Counseling for individuals who are outside of the Chicago area or interested in personalized counseling from the comfort of their home or office.

– Photo Food Logging. Complete 1-week personalized feedback on what you are eating. Get real time guidance, strategies and support. This simple technology uses your camera phone!

– Comprehensive Online Program. Want to work with a dietitian, exercise specialist AND behavior coach…all in the privacy of your home or office? Dawn is on the advisory board of Retrofit, an online weight loss program. Note: Although you will not be working with Dawn directly, she has trained the dietitians at Retrofit to have her same philosophy & strategies.



Payment is due at the time of service. I will give you a superbill, an official receipt of services, which you can submit to your insurance company or apply toward your flex spending account. Your insurance company may or may not partially or fully cover registered dietitian services. I accept cash, check and credit cards. Contact me if you’d like to learn more about pricing: or 773-208-5777 (call or text).

My team & I are serious about results, but want you to have fun along the way! You can upgrade your diet & feel better than ever…and we want to help!




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