Group Workshops

Reset Your Mindset.

You have sabotaging records playing in your head. Even if you have all of the information and strategies in the world, they can’t help you until you reset your mindset. Learn how to use action mantras (powerful phrases in repetition) to get motivated, inspired and empowered to make healthy changes once & for all.

Reconnect with YOUR Inner Food Ninja.

Confused about what’s “right” to eat? Celebrities, the health-nut chick in your office, and even research and reputable gurus contradict each other when it comes to health & nutrition. Learn the 3 most powerful questions to help you reconnect with your own intuition about what to eat for YOUR body. Beware: The content will change your life.

Superfood Junkie School.

Learn how to get “high” on clean, wholesome foods. This ain’t your grannie’s healthy eating school. Learn what superfoods to eat to energize your life and insider tricks to stay motivated and get results.

Other Titles Include:

  • Craving Bootcamp.
  • Eat Right, Feel Awesome.
  • Special Sauce. I’ll send an e-survey to your group & create something special just for them!