I offer presentations and lectures to a wide range of professional and community audiences. Each engagement provides science-based research on current health and wellness topics but is presented in a way that is memorable and motivating. This is something I like to call : Edu-tainment.

Below are some of the topics I cover in my workshops:

7-Day Diet
This perfectly balanced eating plan is designed to help you lose five pounds in one week. In addition to weight loss, the plan decreases water retention and reduces bloating with the unique combination of foods. You will receive the complete week’s meal plan booklet, detailed grocery list, pictures of each meal, and motivational e-mails to keep you going for the week.

The Flexitarian Diet
Learn to become a part-time vegetarian! You will gain the health benefits and lose weight following a more flexible and forgiving version of a vegetarian diet.

Ultimate Makeover: Refrigerator Edition
You are only as healthy as your last trip to the grocery store. Learn how to stock your refrigerator and cabinets for optimal health and wellness.

Eat and Drink Your Way to Longevity
Learn the magic chemicals in foods beyond the basic vitamins and minerals. Incorporate these “superfoods” into your everyday diet for optimal health and disease prevention.

Nutrition Tune-Up
Traditional diets set us up for failure because they can be too strict and require too many unrealistic changes. SMALL changes can make a BIG difference! Learn the small changes you can make TODAY that will positively impact your health and weight.

The Environment Diet
Learn how to set up your home, work, and social environment to help you automatically lose weight. The first step to being healthier is creating an environment that works for you, instead of against you.

The Enlightened Office
We spend so much time at work … make it a healthy place! Learn how to get your whole office eating right, being fit, and living well.


For Healthcare Professionals

Working with the Media
Learn step-by-step how to work with various media outlets to get your messages across in a clear, positive, and meaningful way. Receive constructive feedback and specific tips to hone your media skills and communication style.

Nutrition in Cancer Care
Review expert guidelines from six key organizations on cancer prevention and management. Learn specific and realistic tips to share with patients and families dealing with cancer.

Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Loss
Discuss evidence-based lifestyle tools and strategies to manage overweight and obesity in adults. Review specific advice and effective tips to share with patients struggling with weight control.



Prices are specific to each venue and group, and are based on preparation time, travel, presentation time, catering requests, props/demo, and number of participants. I would like to talk to you about your event. Please contact me to discuss potential topics and receive a quote.

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