It’s Spring! Try New Stuff.


Spring is the season of new beginnings & growth. It’s the perfect time to ditch your dull winter wellness routine & start some new fresh habits. Here’s a 24-hour guide to new stuff: Wake-Up: AM Affirmation. Start your morning w/ positive affirmations to set the tone for the day. Check out THIS mini box of […]

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It’s your lucky day! In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, I’ve given the classic Shamrock Shake a superfood makeover. Cool. Creamy. Minty! With just 5 ingredients, this is faster than visiting a drive-thru window. And get this: Research suggests mint’s refreshing scent can bust a craving, which makes this the perfect after-dinner dessert. And let […]

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Blame Them


I just read a super interesting article in BioEssays, a biology journal.  The main gist was: Blame your GUT BACTERIA for your food cravings.  The Background: Bad bacteria in our gut may cause cravings in powerful ways. They affect our mood, change our taste buds, influence our hormones & hijack signals to our brain. Cravings are not just […]

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Love Your Food

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.57.26 AM

Often I’ll have a client say stuff like: My love of food gets in the way of weight loss. If I didn’t love food so much, it would be easier to lose weight. I totally disagree. I believe if you truly LOVE YOUR FOOD it is the SOLUTION to weight loss & healthy living. Really […]

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This time matters

This Time Matters

A sleeve of Girl Scout cookies. A jumbo morning pastry. The office candy dish. Among the 226 food decisions we face daily, some temptations try to lure us away from our health goals. When temptation calls, it’s very common to have this sabotaging thought: “This one time won’t matter.” Fight that thought by simply telling yourself: “This […]

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