Love Your Food

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Often I’ll have a client say stuff like: My love of food gets in the way of weight loss. If I didn’t love food so much, it would be easier to lose weight. I totally disagree. I believe if you truly LOVE YOUR FOOD it is the SOLUTION to weight loss & healthy living. Really […]

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This time matters

This Time Matters

A sleeve of Girl Scout cookies. A jumbo morning pastry. The office candy dish. Among the 226 food decisions we face daily, some temptations try to lure us away from our health goals. When temptation calls, it’s very common to have this sabotaging thought: “This one time won’t matter.” Fight that thought by simply telling yourself: “This […]

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Visualize Your Plate


OUT: Calorie Counting IN: Calorie Consciousness I am against calorie counting. It zaps the joy of eating and increases diety feelings of deprivation. Instead, I believe in “calorie consciousness”, which means being calorie educated, not calorie obsessed. How-To: Check out the new infographic to help you visualize the calories on your plate instead of obsessively […]

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Turn Up the Love.


Making V-Day dinner to show your love? Check out our picks for a MENU & PLAYLIST… MENU – Appetizer: Winter Fennel Salad. Fennel may increase your libido. – Entree: Lentil Meatballs with Pasta. This dish promotes “Lady and the Tramp” moments. Oh la la! – Drink: Wine. Serve it in THESE glasses for the perfect petite pour. PLAYLIST Music matters! In […]

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