Freedom from Calorie Counting

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To create a happy & healthy life, we need freedom from a dieting mindset & calorie counting. I don’t advocate strictly counting calories & I don’t advocate ignoring them completely, especially if you aim to lose weight. I teach clients to be CALORIE CONSCIOUS, meaning not calorie obsessed, not calorie oblivious…just calorie aware. How to […]

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Appetite 101


Feel super HUNGRY all of the time??? Ask yourself these 7 questions: 1) Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration can make you feel tired & hungry. Aim for 72-100 ounces of water/day. 2) Are you going too long between meals? Getting too hungry overrides your body’s natural hunger-fullness cues. Eat satisfying, balanced meals every 4-6 […]

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Superfood Beet Burgers

Brighter Beet Burger

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s the perfect grill food: Beet Burgers. The red beets in this easy-to-make veggie burger make it look meaty, but these patties are 100% vegan, delicious & packed with superfood nutrition. #SuperSwap At just 120 calories per burger, they provide 6 grams of plant protein & 6 grams of filling […]

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Body Love 101


“How can I feel better & more confident in the skin I’m in?” It all comes down to BODY LOVE. BODY LOVE doesn’t come from reaching some magical number on the scale or jean size… it comes from inside. There are 5 specific things you can do to ignite your own BODY LOVE… 1) Catch […]

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Recharge Your Willpower

Willpower Recharge (2)-page-0

I recently read the book (well, um, the audiobook)…Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney. The book got me thinking. What is willpower powered by? How can we recharge our willpower? Here are some answers: There are 3 ways to recharge willpower daily: 1) Eat Regular Meals. Read more […]

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