Flexitarian Diet Shopping Lists

Once you are the lucky owner of The Flexitarian Diet (paperback), here’s some helpful tips to get you started:

Week 1 starts on page 84. Shopping list on page 112.
Week 2 starts on page 115. Shopping list on page 143.
Week 3 starts on page 146. Shopping list on page 174.
Week 4 starts on page 177. Shopping list on page 205.
Week 5 starts on page 208. Shopping list on page 236.

Download and print shopping lists from The Flexitarian Diet to help make shopping easy!

Week One Shopping List

Week Two Shopping List

Week Three Shopping List

Week Four Shopping List

Fridge, Pantry, and Spice Rack Staples


  • You don’t have to do the diet exactly as written…you can just pick any 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner, 2 snack recipes, shop for ingredients & repeat them through them for the week. Repeating meals makes it easier!
  • Breakfasts are 300 calories, lunch 400 calories, dinner 500 calories and snacks (2 per day) are 150 calories each so it’s 1500 calories/day.
  • All recipes serve 1.