Keep Calm & Half-Ass It

Keep Calm

Plan A: Perfect eating & cooking. Plan B: Pretty damn good eating (half-ass plan). Hi. I’m the latter…a half-asser & proud of it. Sure, with enough time for planning, shopping & cooking we know how to eat healthy, but guess what?!! Life happens & things get sloppy. Work dinners, long-work days, too tired to cook, […]

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Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.10.06 PM

Are cravings sabotaging you? Read on… A super simple craving solution could be at your fingertips…Tapping*. *Tapping = using your index and middle fingers of the same hand to ‘tap’ your forehead. There’s a much more in-depth practice of “tapping” called “Emotional Freedom Technique,” but we are keeping it about simple forehead tapping here. A […]

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SuperSwap Pumpkin Spice Latte


To welcome in the official start of Fall this week, let’s talk Pumpkin Spice Lattes (a.k.a. PSL). Bad news: A typical PSL from coffeeshops around town has CRAP ingredients including sugar, artificial flavors/colors & preservatives. Great news: You can easily make a SuperSwap PSL that has no added sugar and uses real pumpkin & spice. […]

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Just Start


I LIE to myself all the time. LIE: “I’ll do it tomorrow/later, I’m just not feeling motivated or inspired right now.” And guess what, when tomorrow or later comes, I’m still not motivated or inspired. And so the vicious cycle of procrastination continues. MOTIVATION is not a mysterious light switch that randomly turns on & […]

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