5-Ingredient Superfood Salads


Confession: I’ve become salad boring. I make salad to have w/ pizza. I make salad to have w/ a half sandwich. I make salad to have w/ lentil soup. I make salad to have w/ BBQ salmon. And each time, I make just about the SAME salad… over & over & over. Boring. To get […]

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It’s Spring! Try New Stuff.


Spring is the season of new beginnings & growth. It’s the perfect time to ditch your dull winter wellness routine & start some new fresh habits. Here’s a 24-hour guide to new stuff: Wake-Up: AM Affirmation. Start your morning w/ positive affirmations to set the tone for the day. Check out THIS mini box of […]

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It’s your lucky day! In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, I’ve given the classic Shamrock Shake a superfood makeover. Cool. Creamy. Minty! With just 5 ingredients, this is faster than visiting a drive-thru window. And get this: Research suggests mint’s refreshing scent can bust a craving, which makes this the perfect after-dinner dessert. And let […]

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Blame Them


I just read a super interesting article in BioEssays, a biology journal.  The main gist was: Blame your GUT BACTERIA for your food cravings.  The Background: Bad bacteria in our gut may cause cravings in powerful ways. They affect our mood, change our taste buds, influence our hormones & hijack signals to our brain. Cravings are not just […]

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