Kombucha Margarita


It’s a holiday weekend. If you are having a get-together today, or any day this summer, kombucha margaritas are a must-have on the menu. Forget the pre-made margarita mixes w/ high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors & dyes. Instead, make this superfood version with just 3 simple ingredients. #SuperSwap For each cocktail, mix 1/2 cup […]

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Chia Jam


I’m jam obsessed. Sweet, sticky, spreadable. Yes, please. But most store-bought jam contains high sugar juice concentrates & other added sugars. So… I created a superfood version free from additives & packed w/ nutrition. My jam makes store-bought jams jealous. #SuperSwap Here’s why I’m in love: You don’t have to be a domestic goddess to […]

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Dinner Boards


“Today was super chaotic and I don’t have energy or motivation to make dinner.” Many of us in this situation opt for unhealthy take-out or just eat a bowl of cereal or bag of popcorn for dinner. Until now. Let me introduce you to DINNER BOARDS. Dinner Boards are the healthy & satisfying version of […]

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Popcorn 2.0


Carby snackers unite. Popcorn is one of the best wholesome, carby snacks around. It’s a whole grain & you get 3 cups of the air-popped version for under 100 calories. I’m obsessed w/ making popcorn in THIS air-popper. Once out of the popper, it’s a blank canvas for all sorts of toppings, but my favorite […]

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